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You know the problem - your racehorse starts to fade in the last few metres down the home straight.

Due to the huge strain on the lungs, this poor performance is often caused by Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage or EIPH. This occurs in horses involved in intensive exercise regimes such as racehorses, trotters and polo ponies. However indications of "lung bleeding" are not always as visible as "nose bleeds" and can only be clearly identified after a bronchoscopy.

Finding the right solution:

Stables that are not routinely cleaned with dusty bedding and poor quality hay are just a few of the problems that could contribute to causing this condition. However, finding a solution is no easy task. For prudent owners and trainers who want to avoid serious side effects and the risk of doping, only very few serious approaches are currently available to comnbat this problem.

AirlightPlus is a feed supplement that doesn't focus on energy or nutrition, but on
functionality. Vital nutrients ingested with the feed are used in the deepest recesses of the lungs to act beneficially on the blood-air barrier. To gain the full effect of this approach, the feed must be used over a minimum period of 5 days.

AIRLIGHT PLUS supports an optimal exchange of gases which also affects performance.

Feed for 10 days.

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